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Sets the preferred map region of coverage, used in selecting appropriate map resources for the area. If no region parameter is supplied, the geohack extension attempts to determine it from the coordinates.

The region should be supplied as either a two character ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, or an ISO 3166-2 region code. E.g:

  • AQ Antarctica
  • AU Australia
  • BR Brazil
  • CA Canada
  • CH Switzerland
  • DE Germany
    • DE-TH Thuringia
  • FR France
  • GB United Kingdom
    • GB-BIR Birmingham
  • IN India
  • LK Sri Lanka
  • NL Netherlands
  • NO-03 Oslo, Norway
  • US United States
    • US-NY New York


Specific code:

  • XZ is used for objects in/above international waters (similar to UN/LOCODE).
  • ZZ is used in samples