Yamaha MM6

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The Yamaha MM6 is a mid-level 61-key, 32 note polyphony, five-octave synthesizer keyboard with an eight-track sequencer (ninth track for rhythms), and 70MB of sound wave data consisting of hundreds of patches, FX programs, and rhythms.


The MM6 sounds are derived from the legendary Motif sound set. The 70MB of sounds cover a wide range of voices from strings, pianos, and, guitars to horns, percussion, and special effects.

Other Features

The Yamaha MM6 has four knobs that can be used in real time to change the timbre and other characteristics of the sounds. These characteristics are cutoff, resonance, attack, and, release.

Other features include a metronome, an arpeggiator with 213 preloaded programs, 168 auto-accompaniment pattern styles, mod and pitch wheels, and the 320 x 240 back-lit LCD all packaged in a sleek silver trim that weighs in at a little over 11 lbs.

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