Yamaha RD56

The Yamaha RD56 was a two stroke 250cc Grand Prix racing motorcycle. It had two 56x50mm cylinders, disk valves and an Oldham coupler joining the crank shafts. Power was 47bhp at 11,000rpm.[1] Although the engine was essentially the same as that of the RD48, the frame was a new design based on the Norton Featherbed. It featured a 7 speed gearbox.

It was ridden by Jim Redman, Yoshikazu Sunako, Fumio Ito, Hiroshi Hasegawa and Tony Godfrey for the 1963 Grand Prix season.

The engine was improved for the 1964 season generating a claimed 50bhp at 11,000 rpm[2]. Phil Read joined the Yamaha team replacing Redman who he narrowly beat to become Grand Prix World Champion.

Yamaha RD56
ManufacturerYamaha Motor Company
Production1963 - 1964
PredecessorYamaha RD48
SuccessorYamaha RD05
Engine250cc two-stroke


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