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Clavinova CVP-303

The Clavinova is a long-running line of digital pianos created by the Yamaha Corporation. They are similar in styling to an acoustic piano, but with many features common to other digital pianos such as the ability to save and load songs, the availability of different voices, and, in more recent models, the ability to be connected to a computer via USB or wireless network.

The CLP range is aimed more towards those looking for a digital alternative to an acoustic piano and concentrates on accurately reproducing its touch and sound though most in the range also have a limited number of other voices available. The CVP range provides a greater variety of voices and also built-in rhythms and accompaniments enabling complete performances to be played and recorded using built-in sequencing software.

Technical information

Some Clavinovas (CLP and CVP-Series) feature graded hammer technology, a mechanical system of small metal hammers, weighted to be similar to those of a real pianoforte, which hit a digital pressure sensor that then translates into sound. This technology has contributed to the success of the Clavinova as a more affordable substitute for an acoustic piano. The 'Graded' action is intended to reproduce more accurately the varying weights of the hammers of an acoustic piano where the hammers vary in weight from the bass section to the treble. Newer Clavinovas, such as the CVP-407, incorporate real wood keys for added realism.

The built-in synthesizer produces the sound. The synthesizer contains samples of real instruments which are then selected and modified by the electronics to produce the desired sound. Information comes in a MIDI or similar format either directly from the piano keyboard or from a stored source (from within the piano or via a computer or external sequencer). The synthesizer can imitate a large array of acoustic instruments, electronic instruments and other sound effects. Recent models of CVP Clavinova have hundreds of such voices. These usually include many types of pianos and organs, string, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments, as well as modern and vintage synthesizer sounds, sampled effects etc. The more recent CVP models also feature many accompaniment styles, ranging from traditional dance and classical orchestration, through to more modern club, pop, rock, big band and jazz styles.

The latest currently available models of the Clavinova are the CLP-3XX range and the CVP-40X range; the CVP-401 is the lower-end of the range, while the CVP-409 is the most expensive. The retail price of the CVP-409 is about US$12,000.

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