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DiscT@2 (read aloud as "disc tattoo") is a technology introduced by Yamaha that allows users to burn custom motifs or images onto the data side of CD-R media when using a Yamaha-branded or compatible drive. Other technologies such as NEC's LabelFlash system allow the same functionality as DiscT@2, as well as the functionality provided by systems such as Hewlett Packard's LightScribe. Yamaha stopped production of CD/DVD burners in 2003.

In December 2006, Yamaha and NEC announced LabelFlash, an implementation of Yamaha's DiscT@2's on DVD media, with the added feature of being able to label special LabelFlash discs on the label side. LabelFlash's implementation of DiscT@2 does not support CD-R media; however, FujiFilm sells CD-R's that allow LabelFlash labels to be applied. LabelFlash's Competitor is LightScribe.

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