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Regi-Stick is a software device specifically for use with the Yamaha Tyros 2 workstation keyboard.


It allows musicians to have instant access to hundreds of popular sound combinations including Glenn Miller, Mantovani, and many more. It also allows players to customise their instrument setup with optional hardware such as MIDI pedalboards and additional keyboards to create an Electone or organ style instrument.

Regi-Stick programming team

Regi-Stick was produced by four of the UK's best known keyboard artists, each responsible for various aspects of the software.

Glyn Madden produced the Latin registrations

Tony Pegler produced the Swing and Jazz settings

Richard Bower produced the Ballroom registrations

James Sargeant produced the Crystal Sounds and Organ registrations

James Sargeant devised the concept and managed the entire project, whilst Yamaha UK keyboard sales manager Richard Ashby came up with the 'Regi-Stick' name - which is now fast becoming a generic term for USB flash memory sticks amongst the keyboard playing public.

Yamaha Club released another software version, titled Regi-Stick Plus, in 2007, which added even more sounds and a 'Registration Menu' feature similar to that of the popular AR-100 Electone organ.

Additional hardware options

The Regi-Stick allows for the use not only of MIDI devices such as pedalboards and additional keyboards, but also a genuine Leslie speaker which allows the Tyros2 to produce a very convincing reproduction of the classic sound of the Hammond organ.

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