Yamaha SHS-10

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Yamaha SHS-10
Yamaha SHS-10

Yamaha SHS-10
Manufactured byYamaha
Technical specifications
Polyphony6 voices
Oscillator2 operators
Synthesis typeDigital Frequency modulation
Velocity sensitivenone
Memory25 patches
Keyboard32 mini-keys
External controlMIDI 1-16 (out only)

The Yamaha SHS-10 is a keytar (a musical keyboard that can be held like a guitar) manufactured by Yamaha and released in the late 1980s.

It has a small-sized keyboard with 32 minikeys and a pitch-bend wheel, an internal Frequency modulation (usually referred to as FM) synthesizer offering 25 different voices with 6-note polyphony, two operators, and a very basic chord sequencer. It also has a loudspeaker.

It supports MIDI, having a MIDI Out connector which allows the keyboard to control external MIDI equipment. It does not have a MIDI In connector.

It was manufactured in three colors: grey, red, and black.

Its demo is an arrangement of Wham!'s hit "Last Christmas."

The Voices are the following:

00 Synthesizer
01 Jazz Organ
02 Pipe Organ
03 Piano
04 Harpsichord
10 Electric Piano
11 Celesta
12 Vibraphone
13 Marimba
14 Steel Drum
20 Violin
21 Cello
22 Jazz Guitar
23 Rock Guitar
24 Wood Bass
30 Trumpet
31 Trombone
32 Horn
33 Saxophone
34 Clarinet
40 Flute
41 Oboe
42 Harmonica
43 Whistle
44 Music Box

There are various skips in this list because there are only buttons 0-4 to choose from.

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