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The Yamaha WX5/WX11/WX7 are models of monophonic MIDI wind controller instruments with fingering similar to a flute or saxophone. Like a keyboard controller, they send MIDI note information electronically to an external sound module or tone generator which in turn synthesizes a tremendous variety of musical tones. Unlike a keyboard controller which is usually polyphonic (see Polyphony (instrument)) a wind controller is monophonic, or a single note instrument (though the WX5 is capable of playing a sustained note while other pitches are generated). The only limits to the kinds of sounds available are the limitations of the external module, not the WX5 itself. A WX5 performer can sound like any melodic instrument: wind, string, percussion, keyboard, or purely electronic, including special sound effects.

The WX5 wind controller simulates a wind instrument because of the way it is played, the key layout, and because it responds to breath (wind) pressure as well as lip pressure on a simulated reed mouthpiece similar to that of a saxophone or clarinet. The wind and lip pressure information is converted to MIDI data which is interpreted by the external sound module. Usually the wind pressure is interpreted as loudness and lip pressure is interpreted as pitch bend; thus, the instrument responds much like an acoustic wind instrument and extremely realistic musical phrasing is available to the player.

The WX5 has a 16-key layout similar to a standard saxophone. It also includes a built-in MIDI output connector, a dedicated connector and cable for direct connections to Yamaha WX-Series tone generators, a high-resolution wind sensor, and a thumb-controlled pitch bend wheel.