Yamaha XTZ 750

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Yamaha XTZ 750

The Yamaha XTZ 750 SuperTénéré (Tenere) is an Enduro-type motorcycle produced by.Yamaha. It was named after Yamaha's lighter, single-cylinder models which in turn were named after the notorious Ténéré desert stage of the former Paris-Dakar Rally in northeastern Niger.


The XTZ 750 is a larger, two-cylinder version of the one-cylinder Yamaha XTZ 660 Ténéré. The XTZ 660 and XTZ 750 superseded the smaller, air-cooled Yamaha XT 600Z Ténéré. First sold in 1989, the SuperTénéré used the new Yamaha engine design containing 5 valve heads.

The XTZ 750 is considered very reliable and requires minimal maintenance. A solid protective guard around the engine prevents damage. 100,000km run achievements are not uncommon, assuming appropriate maintenance.

The front brake disks of the XTZ are provided with plastic covers. For normal road use these covers are beneficial, but they make cooling of the brake disks more difficult when riding downhill. Many owners therefore remove them, in order to prevent glazing of the brake linings.

Besides a notoriously bad gearbox, the only other regular problems are with regulator/rectifier.

The XTZ 750 was discontinued in 1996, but not before the Dakar version YZE750 won the Dakar race twice wit750 size and 4 times as an 850. Owners/riders love the machine for its comfort and solid feel plus the long range fuel tank (26 litres).

There are frequent rumours of a "modern day" Supertenere from Yamaha but nothing solid to report at December 2008.

Accessories remain common for this model.

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