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Yamaha Zuma
Production1997-2005, 2008
Engine49 cc air-cooled, carbureted 2-stroke, electronic ignition
Bore x stroke: 40.0 mm x 39.2 mm
Compression ratio: 7.0:1
TransmissionV-belt automatic
SuspensionFront: Telescopic fork
Rear: Single shock
BrakesFront: 115mm disc
Rear: drum
TiresFront: 120/90-10
Rear 130/90-10
Wheelbase50.2 in (1275.1 mm)
Seat height30.1 in (764.5 mm)
Fuel capacity1.5 US gallons (5.7 l)
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The Zuma is an air cooled 49cc two-stroke motor scooter made by Yamaha Motor Company. It is known as the Yamaha BWS outside of the United States.

Model Information

The Zuma features a 14mm Teikei carburetor with automatic choke, reed-valve induction, a fan-assisted cooling system, a Yamaha exclusive Autolube Oil Injection System with an easy-to-read indicator light located on instrument panel which alerts rider when oil level gets low, and electric starting with backup kick start.

Also featured are five spoke cast wheels with low-profile 120/90-10 front and 130/90-10 rear tires. The front fork has 2.6 inches of travel, and rear shock has 2.4 inches of travel. The scooter also has 155mm hydraulic front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

Aggressive styling makes for a sporty profile for a scooter. Under the Zuma's dual seat resides a modest storage compartment, and the rear cargo rack has a silver powdercoat finish and has extensions that double as passenger grabrails. Bug-eyed dual headlights mounted atop the fairing for improved visibility; the headlights have a single low beam and high beam (although many users install an inexpensive wiring modification to make both headlamps light with both the high and low beams). The instrument panel has turn signal, high beam and a low-oil indicator light.

The Zuma can carry up to 315 lb (143 kg) of passengers and cargo. Yamaha took the Zuma off the market in the U.S. in 2006 and 2007, and then reintroduced the model in 2008. In order to comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations, the 2008 model has a restricted throttle and a catalytic converter, limiting it to a top speed of 35MPH (vs. 40MPH or just under for the 2005 and earlier models). It is relatively easy to remove the throttle restriction, and the scooter can be modified with aftermarket parts for more power and speed.

Fuel Economy

The United States Environmental Protection Agency mileage estimates for the Zuma are up to 123mpg, depending upon how it is ridden, maintenance, road conditions, cargo, and driver/passenger weight. However, this estimate is for the restricted 2008 model and even then has little bearing on reality; 80 MPG is a far more realistic figure.

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